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Cable has long competed with satellite TV companies and Internet service providers. Now, with utilities like the phone company providing television service, the playing field has gotten even more crowded.

Nationwide, more than 30 million consumers now subscribe to competitive services.

Still, cable continues to offer tremendous value and expanded products. Nationally, cable's real price per channel dropped 5.3 percent in the past decade.

Despite an increasingly competitive environment, New Jersey's cable companies maintain a commanding lead in all areas, most notably innovation and investment.

Consumers are winning in more ways than one. Bundles offer more and better services for less:

Local phone service
Long distance with per-minute charges Dial-up
Internet access at 28 Kbps
46 channels video
Price: $129.38
Unlimited local and long distance voice service
High-speed Internet downloads up to 15 Mbps
75+ channels video
Price: $99

1996 price based on FCC figures and adjusted for inflation.
2006 price based on bundle promotions.

  Nobody Covers Government Like Cable