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The following is a selection of news articles, stories, and highlights that are of interest to the NJCTA and its member companies.

5/16/2008 - Multichannel News
Cable Reverses Broadband Share Losses To Telecos
Top Broadband Providers Now Account For More Than 64 Million Subscribers
Top Broadband Providers Now Account For More Than 64 Million Subscribers ...Read More
2/11/2009 - NJCTA Cable Connection
Cable's Impact on NJ Economy Continues to Grow
2008 report shows increased job creation and community investment
A 2008 analysis of the contributions made by the member companies of the New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association (NJCTA) to the state's economy reveals that the industry's impact has been significant and is continuing to grow. ...Read More
6/11/2008 - Tom's River Times
Chariot Riders Receives Assistance From Comcast Employees
MANCHESTER - More than 100 Comcast employees, along with their friends and families, helped build fencing, paint barns and signage and prepare grounds for upcoming horse shows at Chariot Riders in Manchester. ...Read More
8/25/2008 - South Jersey Local News
Comcast Delivering On Commitment To Improve Customer Experience
With consumers rapidly delving into the world of digital technology, high-definition TV, broadband internet access, wireless networking and other evolving entertainment, information and communications technologies, companies must focus on delivering an improved customer service experience that meets the needs and expectations of today's high tech consumers. ...Read More

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