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The following is a selection of news articles, stories, and highlights that are of interest to the NJCTA and its member companies.

8/11/2008 -
NJCTA Provides Policy Briefing for Legislative Staff on Broadcast Digital Transition
NJCTA staff recently provided an exclusive policy briefing for New Jersey legislative staff on the upcoming broadcast digital transition. Read about the event and find out how to attend the next briefing. ...Read More
6/11/2008 - Tom's River Times
Chariot Riders Receives Assistance From Comcast Employees
MANCHESTER - More than 100 Comcast employees, along with their friends and families, helped build fencing, paint barns and signage and prepare grounds for upcoming horse shows at Chariot Riders in Manchester. ...Read More
6/5/2008 - NJCTA News
NJCTA Joins with Attorney General's Office to Increase Awareness of Dangers of Underage Drinking
The member companies of the New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association joined forces with the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey to warn teens about the dangers of underage drinking. ...Read More
6/5/2008 - NJCTA News
New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association Partners with New Jersey State League of Municipalit
The New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association (NJCTA) and its member companies are partnering with the New Jersey State League of Municipalities to produce an hour-long panel discussion on the growing mortgage foreclosure crisis that will be televised statewide on NJCTA member cable systems in New Jersey starting in April. ...Read More

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