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On Thursday, March 13th, New Jersey’s cable companies are bringing the Statehouse closer to your house.

The New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association (NJCTA) is pleased to invite all New Jersey legislators and intereswted members of the Executive Branch to participate in “Connect with Cable” Day, a day to highlight cable’s exclusive local programming; programming that connects legislators to their home town, their constituents, and the issues New Jersey cares about.

During “Connect with Cable” Day, we’re bringing our popular public affairs programs to the Statehouse to tape on location.  Legislators will be invited to join show hosts for a lively discussion of the issues.

We’re also hosting an all-day reception for elected officials, their staff, and the Executive Branch in Room 103.  Our representatives will be on hand to answer any questions and to discuss the latest cable innovations.

Lastly, we’re also working with legislators to record personalized Public Service Announcements (PSA) on a subject of their choosing as part of “Connect with Cable” Day.

For more information on recording PSAs, click here.

We’ll record the PSAs in Room 209 of the Statehouse on March 13th.  and the PSAs will air in legislators’ home districts and will give them an opportunity to showcase an issue or organization that’s important to them and the district they represent.

This is just one of the many community programming features cable offers to help the Statehouse connect with the people they serve.

Legislators or their staff who have questions about "Connect with Cable" Day can call Rhonda Guerrero or Shirley Michael at (609) 392-3223.