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Back to School Means Keeping Kids Internet Smart

Whether they’re starting the third grade or heading off to college, students of all ages need to be smart when it comes to online activity.

And with more and more New Jersey customers turning to their cable providers for their high-speed Internet service, the member companies of the New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association are doing their part to make sure parents and students of all ages have the resources they need.

“We want our customers to have the best and safest online experience,” said Bill Kettleson, Comcast vice president of government affairs.  “That means protecting passwords, securing wireless networks, and keeping personal information private.  The more resources we can provide the better.”

Recently, Comcast provided a list of safety tips especially designed for college students who are heading off to school and setting up their own wireless networks, and for parents who have wireless networks at home.

The tips, created by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, recommend changing passwords, restricting access, encrypting data, protecting your SSID, and installing a firewall.

You can print the entire list by clicking here.

AssemblymanChivukulaInternetSmartsMeanwhile, Cablevision’s “Internet Smarts” program, a project of their Power to Learn initiative, continues to provide leading edge information and tools for parents and students related to digital media safety including lessons on social networking, gaming, cell phone and smart phone use, e-mailing and IMing, and protecting personal information.

In addition, Cablevision is gearing up for another year of Internet Smarts in the Classroom.  During the school year Cablevision representatives partner with local New Jersey schools and local elected officials to talk to students about the importance of being “Internet Smart.”  Tips on avoiding hackers, instant messaging, and dealing with cyberbullying are among the many topics discussed.

Watch a video of Assemblyman Chivukula’s visit to Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick by clicking here. 

You can get more information about Cablevision’s “Internet Smarts” program here