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Comcast Delivering On Commitment To Improve Customer Experience

Philadelphia-based Comcast Cable has been listening to its customers and has recognized the need for increasedinnovation and choice. Over the past year alone, the company has invested in a host of new technologies, tools and training resources with one thing in mind - delivering a better overall experience for its more than 24.6 million customers nationwide.

According to company officials, Comcast has approximately 1.5 million customer interactions each month in the greater Philadelphia area alone, ranging from installations and service visits to questions about programming, new services, bundle offers, HD options and more. Bucking the national trend of moving customer service operations out of country, Comcast continues to open and expand locally-based customer service centers, and now has seven major call centers and thousands of employees dedicated to serving customers in Philadelphia, the suburbs and South Jersey. In this region, the company has hired thousands of new employees over the past few years, the vast majority in customer-facing positions such as customer service representatives and technicians,

Moving forward, Comcast plans to continue to hire local employees to improve the customer experience and to serve the ever-growing demand for advanced products and services like Digital Cable, high-speed Internet, HDTV, residential phone service and its suite of new Business Class products and services for small-and medium-sized businesses. A tour of any Comcast call center reveals the steps Comcast is taking to ensure its employees are prepared to best assist customers. Extensive training includes one-on-one coaching and state-of-the-art training tools including advanced trouble shooting applications, simulated call scenarios, Web-based informational sessions and access to online reference tools. According to the company, increased training and problem solving skills helps develop more empowered, "specialist" care representatives, resulting in employees who are better equipped to quickly and efficiently help customers.

Technological innovation is another facet of delivering a positive customer experience. Comcast has been implementing a variety of innovative, high-tech upgrades that allow employees to more effectively respond to the needs of customers.

• Improved tools for technicians like handheld communications devices and laptop computers are improving on-time reliability. These tools give customer service agents immediate information about the location of technicians working in the field, enabling them to communicate arrival times of technicians more accurately and proactively,

• New technologies offer customers the option of performing self-service functions when they call 1-800-COMCAST, and offer Web-based help tools like online chat.

• Service assurance centers proactively monitor Comcast’s fiber optic network around-the-clock to identify and resolve issues before a customer even sees them. The vast majority of issues are now diagnosed and fixed before a customer is even impacted.

• New phone technologies like voice recognition and natural language applications allow Comcast representatives to quickly answer the majority of customers’ questions on the first call so they can return to enjoying their services,

Comcast management is excited about recent improvements, but recognizes there are still opportunities for additional progress. "Most customers are very satisfied, but we want all customers to feel great about us, and we’re taking a very hands-on approach to achieve that," said Vince Alonge, Comcast’s regional vice president of customer care, Philadelphia Metropolitan Region. "That includes listening to our customers through surveys, doing proactive service reliability checks, deploying sophisticated troubleshooting tools, offering more convenient appointment times, and much more."

Comcast is now also offering its customers multiple ways to communicate, another step in making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to do business on their own terms:

Most customers are now able to reschedule their own service visits through an online interface at, Customers can also schedule installations and service visits by calling 1-800-COMCAST.

Saturday and Sunday hours are currently available so customers can schedule an appointment when it’s most convenient for them.

Shorter appointment windows allow for service visits to be scheduled in two and three-hour windows to limit the lime customers need to be available when a technician visits the home,

Proactive quality control, such as technicians performing whole-home checks when they visit, ensures any problems are identified before they become service issues.

Answering questions at a customer’s convenience, with online and live options including live chat, online community forums, e-mail forms, an Ask Comcast microsite and 1-800-COMCAST toll free number.

"Comcast is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience every time," said Alonge. "This includes overall satisfaction with our products and services, as well as excellent interactions with customers from start to finish."

Comcast supervisor Donnie Worthington and technician Maurice Gibson responded to a New Jersey customer’s Saturday service call within hours after a lightning strike damaged electrical and cable systems that provided vital communication services for the customer and his five month old grandson. The rapid response is indicative of the cable company’s customer service improvements and enhancements.

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